Friday, 26 January 2018

Be a sleeping beauty rather than a nocturnal mess

Sleep is the best meditation’ – Dalai Lama

Sleep is as necessary for a proper working human being as water is necessary for a growing plant. Slumber at night can prevent us from many threats. Let us see how.

Sometimes lack of sleep shuts our inbox in the brain which may lead to amnesiac, a disease that results in a temporary loss of memory.  A toxic protein, beta-amyloid is released into the brain when we do not get enough sleep, at least eight hours, resulting in diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s. This happens because proteins accumulate in the sewage system of the brain. Sleep restores the easy movement or passage of blood flow.

If I tell you that sleep ages us then would you risk getting older and staying awake? You know males tend to age at least by 10 years if they sleep less thereby affecting their reproduction system and now after knowing this, I am sure they will hit the snooze button more often. It also weakens the immune system which may result in breast cancer, prostate cancer, and bowel cancer. There is a strong link between the lack of sleep and cancer conducted by WHO (world health organization) in a survey, clearly labeling night hours as probably carcinogenic. Another human system that gets under risk of a heart attack is our cardiovascular system. A global experiment, ‘daylight savings time’ performed on 1.6 billion people, confirmed shockingly that heart attack rates increase by 24% when people lack only an hour of sleep.

What is the recycled rate of humans being? For how long can a person actually remain alert? 16 hours! Is all we have to stay focused after which we slouch, slacken and seriously go low on our mental efficiency? So needless to say, we need to befriend our pillows more.

The future is shaped by our dreams - so stop wasting time - and go to sleep

Monday, 18 December 2017


We keep moving forward opening newer doors and doing newer things because we are inherently curious and curiosity keeps leading us down to newer paths” - Anonymous

Curiosity is a magical word sometimes – springing up with pleasant surprises! It also lets our brain develop; it opens our mind and makes life interesting.

Inquisitiveness gives us interesting questions. For example - Michael Jordan, a poor boy was challenged by his father to sell a worn cloth worth 1 dollar for 2 dollars. He was spurred by his father to get creative and use his imagination to sell the cloth. Likewise, NASA’s Curiosity rover has just discovered the purple-hued rocks on Mars. The rover could complete its task because it was designed by officious scientists whose curiosity knew no bounds. Curiosity or the thirst for knowledge is often the stepping stone to inventions and discoveries.

Ask ‘WHEN- HOW- WHAT- WHY- WHERE- WHO’ to learn new things, but excessive prying can be dangerous, as sometimes curiosity kills the cat. 

Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning” 
About me

All of 15 years old and studying in DPS, R K Puram, I am Lakshita Kohli, a student of Grade IX.

With painting as my hobby, I not only love observing other painters and artists but also like sketching ideas out of my curiosity and imagination. I love playing basketball at school.